Transportation arrangements

With our experience, it will be easy to coordinate all the transports using the best option at the cheaper rate!

For the wedding couple we usually suggest one of the following options:

Porsche Panamera
A Sport Luxury Wedding Car Like Ferrari or Porsche.
Mercedes E class
A Classic Wedding Car like a new Jaguar or Mercedes.
Wedding car Sorrento
A romantic Horse & Carriage.

An Old Fashioned Wedding Car 

White Roll’s Royce Princess, Pantheon Excalibur, Whippet Four, Cadillac Fletwood and several other models.

And many more!

For the Wedding party, instead, based on the correct number (from 6 to 150 guests) and following your request, we will be pleased to find the best & cheap solutions. The most common transportation for them are:

  • Car of 4 or 5 sits
  • Minivan of 8 seats
  • Minibus of 19 seats
  • Bus of 50 seat
  • Boat