Virtual tour

Scroll horizontally the image below to explore the map.

Virtual tour description

Virtual tour

The map located above is used for the Virtual tour of our Villa Antiche Mura.

It represents the whole area of our Villa from the street entrance until the 2 outdoor terraces located on the cliff overlooking the bay of Naples!

With this Map & Tour you can have a simple idea of the whole property that you will have in exclusive use for your big day!

On the Map you can click on each “Camera Icons” to see all the photos related to that part of our Villa.

Also please find below a more detailed description of the single areas that you will find in our  Villa:

1) Entrance from the street

Starting from this entrance everything will be in exclusive use for your Event!

Immediately after the main gate, you will find a beautiful roses alleyway surrounded by a characteristic Sorrentine Citrus Grove Garden that will lead you to our stunning location on the cliff! (Please click the “camera icons” on the virtual tour map for more photos).

2) Main villa

Our Beautiful Main Villa! Our Villa has an internal lounge always overlooking the bay of Naples!  We usually suggest to use the internal Lobby as main access to let all the guets and wedding couple have the first impact with the amazing view. Then, the wedding reception is arranged  outside on the 2 outdoor terraces. Of course if you wish to use this internal space to place the tables for your gala dinner there will be no problem at all (Please for more photos click the “camera icons” on the virtual tour map).

3) White infinitive terrace

Our infinite White Terrace of approx 120 square  meters is used for a lovely aperitif and/or an unforgettable blessing (Please for more photos click the “camera icons” on the virtual tour map).

4) Red Infinitive terrace

This panoramic terrace of approx 200 square meters is divided in two part: One part as Gala dinner area/dance area (where is also located a new waterproofed structure that in case of rain can be completely closed ) & a second part under the big & old trees that is set up as relaxing area (Please for more photos click the “camera icons” on the virtual tour map).

5) Lemon alleyway

A characteristic lemon trees alleyway where you can really feel the fragrance of the Sorrentine Lemon! Here you can make beautiful pictures and relax under the natural shade!(Please for more photos click the “camera icons” on the virtual tour map).

6) Access to the beach

A unique access for all our wedding couples!

Bride & Groom can use our access to go to the beach located down the Villa and make great pictures touching the sea!

Please only note that there are steps to do.

We also have a solution for any kind of weather!

So, even if in Sorrento the sun shines for most of the time, we are ready if few drops come!

For different weather conditions, we suggest:

  • If the weather is good we do everything outside:  Aperitif on white terrace + gala dinner and dance on the red terrace
  • If the weather is quite bad: Aperitif in the lounge of the main Villa & gala dinner outside on the red terrace under our new waterproofed structure. After you can decide to have the dance & music either always outside under the structure or in the lounge of the main Villa
  • If the weather is uncertain, we will check together on the morning of the wedding.

Of course if you have a different plan or idea, we will be pleased to follow your indications!