Flower Centerpieces

Flower centerpieces for the Gala dinner tables are included using flower of the season.

For example, during the whole season (from March to November) you can always have gerberas or roses of any color. Those two flowers are always available.

Of course, depending on the month that you will get married, there will may be other flowers available like hydrangea in June or freesias in May etc.

Your flower centerpieces can be made of just flowers or also using some decoration like transparent vases (short squared vases or tall cylindrical vases).


We already provide candles of different types to use either on the gala dinner tables or also all around the villa on our beautiful tall iron chandeliers

Personalized Wedding cake

Your personalized wedding cake is included in all our menu prices . You can personalize your cake choosing:

  1. The number of tiers. You can have 1 or 2 or 3 tiers cake
  2. The inside of the cake: Choosing both the cream filling (like lemon or chocolate or strawberry or vanilla or other type of cream) and also the sponge (like Chocolate or vanilla or plain white sponge). You can also add chocolate drops inside or jams.
  3. The outside of the cake. You will decide the decoration! The cake can be with white or ivory icing or just plain sponge. We can use a colored ribbon at the bottom of each tier to match the color scheme of your wedding or using real flower decoration like the same flower of the table centerpieces.

Exclusive use of the Villa & Timing

The Villa Antiche Mura is always in exclusive use! Your wedding or event will be the only one in a day! You can arrange the timing of the day as you prefer!

So you can decide when you wish to have the aperitif, the gala dinner, the dance and the music.

Please only note that for law the music must stop at 11.30 pm. Anyway, the exclusive use of the Villa will be util midnight, with the bar open to relax and keep drinking!